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Marnie Glickman in NE Portland, in front of a mural





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elect Marnie glickman to represent the people of N & NE Portland.

"We all want to feel proud when we say we are from Portland. It is our home. Together, we can make Portland a safer and more livable place for everyone."

- Marnie Glickman

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Tree and Roots
Rabbit mural on Alberta Ave, Portland, OR
Marnie having coffee in a NE coffee shop

Portlanders are frustrated with city leadership, feeling uninspired and often ignored. Marnie has the leadership experience, courage, and progressive vision to help solve our biggest problems. 

When Marnie first moved to Portland in 1992, she fell in love with our city’s independent streak, creative people, abundance of trees, and adopted Portland as her home.


Since then, she has worked for more than 30 years bringing people together to make real change. 


Marnie is running for city council to help make Portland a place where everyone can live, work, and enjoy the outdoors together. She believes the Willamette River can become the heart of our city again.

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Marnie working in a community garden
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