Serving on the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District

signpost.jpgI'm considering running for the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors.  The district provides wastewater collection, treatment and recycling services to more than 32,000 rate payers.  The district has been a leader in reducing its carbon footprint and providing recycled wastewater for irrigation. The district has 2,940 solar panels which generate 850,000 kWh/year.

I would like to serve on the Las Gallinas Sanitary District Board of Directors is to make sure that our children live in healthy communities and healthy environments.

I support infrastructure improvements.  We should continue to repair and replace our aging sewer system. This effort will help prevent increases in legal costs, regulatory fines and harm to the environment and public health as well helping to  achieve our zero-waste, zero-spill goals.  We also must consider the impacts of climate change.

I will advocate for ratepayers to ensure that our Board continues the District’s exemplary record of prudent financial management.  However, we must not sacrifice our ability to implement the district’s future vision, outlined in the 2012 Strategic Plan, just to keep today's rates low. Investing in our future is a necessary component of prudent financial management over the long term. 

I would like to improve our public education programs for ratepayers and young people.  If selected, I will volunteer to do public education at events and through online communications.  We should continue to focus on ways we can recycle, reduce and reuse.  We need to educate people about recycled water and its benefits.  We can expand our efforts to provide information to homeowners about the importance of investing in repairs and improvements.