Read Marin County Office of Education's Letter About Our Budget

School_Budget.jpgClick here to read the letter. It's an important review of our budget, deficit spending and small reserve. On June 27th, the Board of Trustees will vote on the 2017-2018. I have concerns about deficit spending. Do you? 


Congratulations to our graduates!

Vallecito Elementary Graduation

Dixie Elementary Graduation

Mary E. Silveira Graduation

Miller Creek Graduation


Meetings attended 5/5/2017 - 6/6/2017

May 15 Volunteered in classroom to help children sew costumes 
May 16 San Rafael Community Schools meeting
May 18 Dixie Elementary Art Show and Open House
May 19 Miller Creek Home and School Club Breakfast
May 19 Marin Community Foundation meeting re San Rafael Community Schools
May 20 Masters In Governance Class
May 21 Makers Faire
May 23 Consistent Achiever Luncheon
May 24 Miller Creek Middle School Orchestra Concert
May 25 San Rafael Community Schools Initiative
May 25 Review superintendent applications
May 25 Miller Creek Middle School Open House
May 26 Review superintendent applications
May 28 Community Office Hours at Red Whale Coffee
May 30 Community Heroes event
June 6 Budget study session with Robert Marical


Meetings attended 4/4/2017 - 6/5/2017

4/4 Community Heroes meeting
4/7 San Rafael Community Schools meeting
4/11 Volunteer in Miller Creek Orchestra room
4/18 San Rafael Community Schools meeting
4/30 Open Office Hours at Red Whale
5/5 Marin Five community breakfast
5/15 Volunteered in Ms. Arigi's classroom
5/16 Volunteered in Ms. Arigi's classroom
5/19 Miller Creek HSC Volunteer Celebration
5/19 Met with Marin Community Foundation regarding San Rafael Community Schools with SR Trustee Linda Jackson
5/20 CA School Boards Masters in Governance class
5/23 Consistent Achievers Luncheon
5/25 San Rafael Community Schools meeting
5/25 Miller Creek Open House
5/28 Open Office Hours at Red Whale
5/30 Community Heroes event
6/2 Volunteer at Orchestra concert

Trump Plans To Slash Education Funding



Congratulations to our consistent achievers!


DIxie Elementary Art Show


Want to learn more about school finance?

dollars.jpgWatch Joel Montero, Chief Executive Officer of the Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team, present information about school funding and the state's budget. Read notes from the meeting.

Thanks to Marin County Office of Education for hosting the event.


Superintendent Search Survey

survey.jpegPlease fill out the short survey for our Dixie Superintendent Search. Deadline is this MONDAY!


Bidding Policy

bidding.jpgAt our next school board meeting, on April 3 at 1130am, we will be discussing revisions to our bidding policy and the lease-leaseback option. Here is the agenda. Please join us.