Our plan for 2018-2019

Here's an infographic which shows how we plan for the upcoming school year. In school board world, we call our plan the LCAP. LCAP stands for Local Control Accountability Plan. Our LCAP development occurs simultaneous with our budget development. Here is the detailed timeline for budget planning. I encourage you to ask questions and participate.



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Go Deep Green

This fall I served as a community mentor to freshman at Marin School of Environmental Leadership in San Rafael. They are lobbying the Dixie Board of Trustees to buy 100% renewable energy from My Clean Energy. More than 300 people have signed their petition. I support the move to Deep Green. Do you?


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Cheers to Ms. Vakharia

Today I attended the holiday concert at Dixie Elementary. The room was packed with family members and musicians. Here Ms. Vakharia, our fabulous orchestra conductor, leads the 4th grade orchestra in Hoedown.

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Taking Sides vs. Neutrality

This is one of my favorite quotes from Elie Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Holocaust survivor.


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Bravo Vallecito Eagle-Musicians

Today's concerts were fantastic. Thank you to Ms. Vakharia, Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Rieder for leading our young musicians! Thank you to parents for supporting our students!

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Thank you for the Fun Run!

Thanks to the hard work of dozens of volunteers, today's 1k and 5k Run As One event was a smashing success.

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Neighbors Welcome

I'm so happy to see these signs popping up in San Rafael.


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Meetings attended 10/11/17-11/14/17

10/11/2017 Bought and delivered 300 respirator masks to Dixie District office, Miller Creek Middle School, Vallecito Elementary, Mary E. Silveira Elementary and Dixie Elementary

10/17/2017 District Green Committee meeting

10/18/2017 Volunteered at Marin School of Environmental Leadership 9th grade seminar

10/19/2017 Met with Dr. Jason Yamashiro re district leave policies

10/20/2017 Volunteered with Miller Creek Environmental Ambassadors student group

10/21/2017 Attended Rotkel Memorial Service at Dixie Elementary

10/24/2017 Meeting with teacher member of District Green Committee

10/25/2017 Volunteered at Marin School of Environmental Leadership 9th grade seminar

10/26/2017 Parcel Tax Committee meeting

10/28/2017 Volunteered with Dixie Community Heroes at Mill Street Homeless Shelter

10/28/2017 Attended Vallecito Elementary Fall Festival

10/31/2017 Attended Dixie Elementary Halloween Parade

11/3/2017 Volunteered with Miller Creek Orchestra

11/6/2017 Meeting with Trustee Alissa Chacko

11/7/2017 Board agenda planning meeting with Dr. Jason Yamashiro And Trustee Brad Honsberger

11/8/2017 Attended Joint Legislative Action Committee meeting

11/8/2017 Attended Vallecito Site Council meeting

11/14/2017 Dixie Board of Trustees Meeting

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What are Community Schools?


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Happy National Run For Office Day

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