Meetings Attended 11/9-12/6

11/9 JLAC meeting
11/10 Volunteering for Miller Creek Orchestra
11/11 Meeting with Tara Costello, DTA President
11/14 San Rafael Community Schools Initiative Partnership Council Meeting
11/15 Meeting with Alissa Chacko, Board Trustee
11/15 Project Green Committee Meeting
11/29 Planning meeting for San Rafael Community Schools Initiative with San Rafael Trustees Linda Jackson and Greg Knell, and initiative coordinator Harriet McLean
11/30 Meeting with Dr. Lohwasser and Jennifer Taekman, Board Trustee
12/1 Attended CA School Boards Association conference
12/2 Dixie Elementary Snowflake Dance
12/4 Marin Crescendo Youth Orchestra Performance
12/6 Budget briefing with Robert Marical