Meetings attended 12/10-1/17

12/10 Hosted snowflake making party for students in Ms. Arigi's 7th grade core class
12/12 Attended Dixie Elementary music performance
12/14 Attended Project Green Committee meeting
12/14 Attended Miller Creek Orchestra Concert
12/15 Meeting with Walt Buster re policy updates
12/20 Meeting with Brad Honsberger
12/22 Volunteered at Miller Creek Breakfast for Staff
12/22 Volunteered at Miller Creek Orchestra Party for 6th grade orchestra and 7th and 8th grade orchestra
12/23 Meeting with Judi Shills at Teens Going Green
12/30 Volunteered to organize Miller Creek Orchestra Library
1/10 Meeting to plan next gathering of San Rafael Community School Initiative Partnership Council
1/11 Meeting at MCOE re SB 415 requirements for changes in election dates
1/11 Meeting with Dr. Lohwasser and Jennifer Taekman re Ad Hoc Communications Committee
1/14 Attended California Music Education Association Conference and Concert
1/17 Meeting with Mary Jane Burke regarding online communications on Twitter
1/17 Brief meeting with Will Anderson
1/17 Brief meeting with Jason Manviller
1/17 Attended Project Green Committee meeting