Dear Molly

field_of_sunflowers-10375.jpgI invite you to join the Green Party.  Please leave the Democrats and join our Green community.

I grew up in a Democratic family too. My parents were passionate voters who believed in justice and democracy. My father was eager to stand up for the rights of people injured by corporations. My mother licked stamps and envelopes for the Equal Rights Amendment campaign. They were proud to send me to public school to learn how to be an engaged public citizen.

A lot has changed since then. We face the climate change catastrophe, destruction of our air, water and land, and mass extinctions. There is extreme income inequality. 1 in 2 Americans live in or near poverty. Corporations now control our politics and most of our government leaders.

It's time to change parties because the Democratic Party policies failed. Green Party solutions will work, if we give them a chance.

Why become a Green? The core of our political approach is that everything is connected.  The pillars of our belief system are ecological wisdom, non-violence, grassroots democracy, social justice and economic justice.  We know we can't have one without the other.  

You asked the other day about how Greens go beyond the image that we are dreamy-eyed hippies and how Greens can make a splash.

Greens are future-focused. We do not compromise as much many Democrats because we support policies that are in the best interest of seven generations to come.

Greens are realists.  We believe in decentralization. We know that governments aren't the best places to create policy.  The best decisions are best made in neighborhoods that value ecological wisdom, non-violence, grassroots demcoracy and justice.   

Greens are independent. We are courageous. We do not accept money from corporations. We rely on people who walk their talk.  We take non-violent direct actions. We aim to live in synch with our values.  

Registering Green Party is a non-violent act of defiance.  It is one small step you can take that makes a splash.

When you register Green, you cast a vote for a political ideology based on the interconnections between ecology, people, democracy and justice guide us and inspire us.  

When you register Green, you tell the Democrats and Republicans that you support future-focused policies on global warming, jobs, tax fairness, and health care and education for all.  You tell them to spend our money more wisely by ending the wars and billions of dollars of corporate subsidies for corporations that pollute the Earth, harm and kill people.

The small step of reigstering Green makes a splash because the Democratic Party counts on voters to be passive and obedient.  They expect us to go along with their compromises and the wishes of their corporate donors.  They even have the nerve to tell us that they can't make more progressive policies because we don't support them enough. 

There is absolutely nothing that requires the United States to be run by only two political parties.  The Green Party has been slowly, but surely,  growing for 21 years in the United States.  We have elected hundreds of local elected officials across the country who make great strides at the local level.  We will elect more Greens to office when we register more Greens and cultivate more community leaders.

Building the Green Party is a lot like starting a new garden.  Our aim is to restore our planet and for self-sufficiency.  When you decide to reigster Green, you are planting seed to create a world based on ecology, non-violence, democracy and justice.

I support whatever decision you make.  Thanks for being my friend and everything you do for our gardens, community and children.