Congratulations Miler Creek Class of 2018

I was honored to give remarks on behalf of the Dixie Board of Trustees tonight. Here is my short speech.

Class of 2018! I dreamed of capturing your attention with five hundred kittens and puppies, YouTube videos, and a surprise concert by Beyonce and Jay Z.

Instead, you will have to settle for some heartfelt words from me, one of your school board members and a mom to a graduating 8th grader .

I see you Class of 2018!

Parents, family, teachers, neighbors and friends from every nook and cranny of our community are here tonight. They see you too.

We see your quirkiness, your goofiness, your rolled eyes, your talents and the things that excite you.

We honor your accomplishments and forgive you for your mistakes.

We are proud of each one of you and we will always have your back.

Our community treasures our schools, teachers and education.

After you leave Miller Creek tonight, continue to cultivate your curiosity. Nourish your love of learning through old age. Read books, ask questions and invent solutions. These are the ingredients that make life interesting.

We need your community leadership.

Your generation has super powers: excellence, compassion, and creativity. Use them now. Do not wait until you are 15 or 25 years old.

You may have noticed that the adults are giving you a world that is not perfect. The future is in your hands.

The good news is that your generation already knows is already taking action.

We see you showing up in Orange and marching for your lives.

We see you participating in Beyond Differences, doing community service and deciding to be kind to each other.

We see you having each other’s backs.

Class of 2018! On behalf of the District Board of Trustees and your North San Rafael community, I congratulate you and have one last request.


Go outside. Daydream. Ask questions. Make new friends. Turn off your screens...and...sleep as much as possible.

Go Panthers!