Will you please volunteer one hour?

volunteer_page.jpgI'm looking for wonderful people to donate one hour to make phone calls to likely voters or to knock on doors with me.

Please email me at marnie.glickman.org if you can help.  

I will give you a script and train you.

Our neighbors are very kind. You will enjoy talking with them.


Woohoo! Rebates from Marin Municipal Water District


Elect Climate Parents in Marin

1234114_488273964602727_535768180_n.jpgOne of the great people I've met on the campaign is Jessica Jackson, a Sierra Club endorsed candidate for Mill Valley Town Council.  

She and I attended the launch of Climate Parents yesterday. It is a group dedicated to mobilizing parents to take action on climate change.

We met Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club, at the event. 


Great League of Women Voters Debate

1231501_10151953478823436_1820558270_n.jpgThank you to the League of Women Voters and Community Media Center of Marin for hosting a great debate today for candidates running for the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors.

It will be aired more than once between now and Election Day. 


Marin Women's Political Action Committee Endorsement

MWPAC_logo.jpgLast night, Megan Clark and I received the endorsement of the Marin Women's Political Action Committee for our campaigns to serve on the Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors.  

The Marin Women's Political Action Committee is an incredible group of people in Marin who want to elect more pro-choice women and men to office in our county.

I was very impressed with all of the great candidates running in the November elections.  The debate between the College of Marin candidates was especially educational. I really enjoyed meeting Jessica Jackson who is running for Mill Valley Town Council.


Marin IJ Editorial Board Interview

photo-11-300x224.jpgThis morning, I participated in the Marin IJ Editorial Board interview with my opponents and Robert Sterling, the editor, Brad Breithaupt, the Opinion Page editor, and Margy Eller, the public representative.

Robert Sterling wrote a blog post about the importance of editorial board meetings with candidates and took this photo of us.


Sierra Club Endorsed

SierraClub_Endorsement.pngI am very proud to receive the endorsement of the Sierra Club.

Thank you to all of the Sierra Club volunteers who worked so hard to conduct the endorsement process.


Listen to the new NPR story on sewers

From NPR:

"In lots of U.S. cities, one of the most pressing infrastructure needs is a service everyone uses but no one likes to talk about: sewers. More than 40 years have passed since President Nixon signed the Clean Water Act into law. Many older sewer systems and wastewater plants built with federal money now need upgrades. And this time, local communities will have to pay the bill."

Click here to listen to the story.

"Now, we all know that water and sewer is not a sexy issue, but it is an absolutely fundamental - and it's absolutely fundamental to everything that we do." said Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez.


North Bay Business Journal on Levine's Recycled Water Bill

By Dan Verel, Business Journal Staff Reporter

NORTH BAY — Legislation has been introduced that could significantly help grape growers and other farmers in the region utilize an additional resource for securing water during the dry season.

Assembly Bill 1200, introduced by Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, and sponsored by the Sonoma County Water Agency, would establish a pilot project that would permit the agency to study the impacts of using recycled rain water for use in watering crops.

Read more

Read EPA data about Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District